Thursday, September 23, 2010

TV - 2010 Fall Premieres

Wednesday Night:
Survivor (CBS) - This time the Survivors are stranded on the beaches of Nicaragua.  The teams are divided by age - 30 and younger on one side, 40 and older on the other.  Tribal council is in the ruins of an old Spanish mission, which is awesome, though not quite as awesome as the tree house they had last time.  But most important, they've moved it to Wednesday!  WTF?  Last week the younger team won, and the older team had to send the crazy lady packing.  This week the older team used their heads and played their advantage medallion thingy, and the younger team lost.  And immediately fell apart!  The bickering and bitching that went on at Tribal Council surprised even Jeff, and he's seen everything!  Now that no one trusts anyone, it should be interesting to see how they get along when they get back to camp!

ANTM (CW) - This season, ANTM has come back to California.  The girls live in a cute little modern house right on the beach, and participate in the usual challenges while participating in the usual bitch-fights!  Bring on the drama!!  This group is so bland and boring that I haven't figured out any one's name - except Ann, who looks like she's from another planet.  But in a good way.  The prize for winning has been upgraded this season - instead of the winner appearing on the cover of Vogue, they will appear on the cover of Italian Vogue - 'cuz this time it's all about the "high fashion."

Hellcats (CW) - This is an entertaining show about Marti, a female gymnast/street dancer law student who joins the Hellcats to maintain her scholarship. But even though she's always made fun of the cheer team, she discovers that they aren't all ditsy blond dummies, but real people with like, feelings and stuff.  Throw in some mom troubles, performance anxiety, and (oh yeah!) homework, and you have a fun little show.  I don't know if it will last, but I'm enjoying it for now. Ashley Tisdale (of Disney fame) does fairly well as one of the team members, an intensely serious yet peppy girl who's been home schooled and transferred to the secular Lancer College(much to the dismay of her family) from a nearby christian college. Last night she had her first date with a real boy - OMG!  Also, her sister is on a rival cheer team - oh! the drama!!

Recorded but not yet watched: Undercovers (with sexpionage!), & The Real World: New Orleans Reunion.


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