Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas 2011 Advent Calendar - Day 2

I love to decorate the whole house, not just the Christmas tree itself.  Every room needs to have some touch of decorations, and that includes even the bathroom!  I have a string of M&M lights that get hung in the bathroom, and looped along the top of the shower curtain through the curtain rings (on the outside of the shower, of course!)  They are probably about 12 years old, and I'm shocked that they still work, but they add just a touch of whimsy and fun that I love.

In the living room and dining room each of the windows get an outline of colored lights that can be seen both inside and outside the house.  Figurines and Nativity Scenes, and Christmas Villages adorn the tables and the top of our upright piano.  The Nativity Scene is a left-over from my childhood, with a mixture of ceramic and plastic figures that are probably 50 or more years old.  They are chipped and cracked, with paint flakes missing, and every single one of the angels have lost their wings over the years, but it is nonetheless my favorite piece of holiday decoration, and the season would not be complete without it.

What's your favorite decoration, if you have one?  Do you decorate the whole house, just one room, or just the tree?


  1. I love the decorations for Christmas, especially all the lights and candles. Having just moved into a house out of an apartment a couple of years ago we are slowly accumulating enough decorations for every room. I even have a room decorated western themed and have managed to find decorations to match!

    I think my favorite decorations are the ceramic nativity set my mom made for me and then these little hand made wooden elves that have been passed down from my maternal grandmother from when she was a kid.

  2. I put at least one decoration in every room. I love lights, but there's only so many plugs and extension cords in the house. One of my favorite things to do is hand-make snowflakes which I put in the front bay window. I love the way they look from outside.

  3. @~Ang I love old decorations that have been passed down through the generations like that - they sort of absorb all the special feelings of all those many Christmases, and then radiate it back out again each year, don't you think?! The little wooden elves sound awesome!

  4. @Christine Rains I love the idea of the hand-made snowflakes! Do you hang them from string or tape them to the window? I may have to try that this year!!

  5. The old decorations really seem to bring the family into the holiday even though they may be miles away.