Thursday, September 9, 2010

Currently Reading: that "Dragon" book.

If you're keeping track, then you know that I'm currently reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson.  I should finish it tonight and will be able to talk more about it after I'm done.  But, just a couple of side notes:

First, the majority of the story takes place on a fictional island (Hedeby Island), next to a fictional city (Hedestad) in Sweden, several hours north of Stockholm.  Much reference is made to various points on the island, and the small bridge to the mainland plays a pivotal role in the story.  Plus there's lots of discussion about what family member lives in which house on the island, which house has what views, and who lives next door to whom.  It would have been really nice if there had been a map of some sort to help keep it all organized. 
But wait!  In the original version, there WAS a map of both Hedestad, and Hedeby Island, but for some reason they were not included in the English translation of the novel.  However, the person who did the translation was kind enough to provide English versions of the maps online, and you can find out more about that and the maps over at, which is a fun website devoted to the Millennium trilogy in general and Lisbeth Salander specifically.

Second, I am so glad that Sony Pictures cast Daniel Craig as journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the english language version of the movie, due out in late 2011.  I loves me some Daniel Craig!!

And third - I don't know how the hell they made this into a movie!  There's so much going on, that is seems like it would take hours to get it all in!  I think I may need to watch the foreign film before the American film is released, just to see how it turned out, and so I'll be able to compare the two films.

Have you read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" or seen the Swedish film?  What are your thoughts?


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