Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV - 2010 Fall Premieres

Tuesday Night:
Glee (Fox) - AWESOME!!  The gang is back with new songs, new potential glee club members, and Will & Sue have a new nemesis that may cause them to join forces this season.  Question:  Why does Rachel know where to find a crack house?

Raising Hope (Fox) - Okay, I watched this because I like Cloris Leachman, Martha Plimpton, and Garret Dillahunt.  The show was ok - hysterically funny at times, really stupid at other times.  I'll give it another chance or maybe two before I make up my mind if I like it.

Monday Night Leftovers:
Castle (ABC) - Castle returns from his summer in the Hamptons but doesn't call Beckett because he isn't sure if she'll still want him around.  But then Beckett finds him at the scene of a murder and promptly arrests him as a suspect.  Of course he didn't do it, and then a bet is made about who can solve the multiple crimes first, with Castle's ability to remain part of the team as the stakes.  Funny, fun, and touching, all in all a great return of one of my favorite shows!

Gossip Girl (CW) - Actually this is week two, but oh well.  C isn't dead and doesn't have amnesia, but looks really cute in his French peasant clothes.  B sees him in the street and drives on by.  S can't choose between D & N, but at the last moment her choice is taken away from her.  Oops!  And while it's totally obvious that D isn't the father, the question remains - Who is the Baby Daddy?

Recorded Parenthood - haven't watched it yet but trust me, it'll be good!


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