Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life - Anniversary

This post has nothing to do with reading or books.  Really, it doesn't.

Well, maybe sort of...

You see, today is the 10th Anniversary for my partner Bob & I.  We cannot legally marry in Oregon, but nevertheless we've been together for 10 years. Sometimes it seems like it's been much longer than that, and other times it feels much shorter, as if we just met last week.  But throughout this decade-long relationship, he has always been hugely supportive of my need to read constantly, to never go anywhere without a book, and to surround myself with stacks and towers and piles of books. 

The first time he suggested that we put my bookcase and some of the books in storage, he quickly noted the look of horror and terror on my face as I thought about being separated from all my books, and instantly withdrew the suggestion.  He isn't much of a reader himself, and I'm sure that sometimes he wearies of hearing me talk about what I'm reading, or trying to get him to read the latest novel that I've fallen in love with, but he mostly listens and doesn't mock (too much!).  He encouraged me to start this blog, and then encouraged me to continue when I let it lapse for so long.

So while I find it odd that he doesn't dive headfirst into every book he passes, and that he thinks anything over 300 pages is a waste of time (What?!? That's barely a good start!), and he gets bored in Barnes & Noble (Seriously, how is that even possible?!), all the same, I think I'll keep him.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Bob. I love you as much as my books.


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