Friday, February 17, 2012

Reading Stuff...

So, upon completion (late last night) of The Mephisto Club, by Tess Gerritsen, I have now officially finished all of the books that I either received for Christmas, been loaned, or just randomly had laying around my room that I hadn't read yet.  I've been pushing to get caught up on everything that I already HAD before I purchased anything new.

So now I'm all caught up, and that leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.

When I revived this blog a year and half ago, "Mockingjay" - the 3rd book in the Hunger Games trilogy (which I had never even heard of) - was just about a month away from publication, and the internet was wild with anticipation.  Everyone with a book blog, it seemed, was reading advance review copies and writing ecstatically loving reviews, gushing endlessly about the wonders of Panem, the horrors of the Games, the extraordinary prowess of Katniss, and running rampant with speculation of which boy she would end up with.   Team Peeta and Team Gale badges began appearing on every YA blog, and I began to seriously wonder what kind of strange world I had wandered into with my whole "Hey let's start a blog where I can talk about books!" idea.

Then "Mockingjay" was actually released.  The hubbub and commotion surrounding the series escalated by a factor of 10, reaching nauseating proportions, and I decided that this whole YA/Hunger Games/feverish obsession was simply not for me, and vowed a solemn and sacred vow that I would not be joining the crowds, would not be swayed by peer pressure, and would not be reading this series! 

A vow that I am now about to break.

Because, as I'm sure you already know, the movie is coming out in March 2012 (next month!), and every time I see a preview for it I really really really really want to see it.  I know - I'm so ashamed of myself, but sweet grilled cheezus I really do! And I have a very strict rule that, whenever possible, if a movie is based on a book, I always make a point to read the book first.  (This is the only reason I read Twilight, because I wanted to see the movie.  What a mistake that was...).

Thus you see my dilemma.  I am now required to read a book that I vowed I would not read.  I know, #FirstWorldProblems, but still...

And so it is, my dear little Little Addicts, that this weekend I will be downloading "The Hunger Games" to my NookColor and begin reading it.  Try not to think any less of me for breaking my vow.

But if this weekend you happen to notice a strange and eerie coldness emanating from beneath the ground, or see something that looks suspiciously like a pig soaring above the clouds, at least now you will know why.


  1. I am kind of hoping it suprises you. I am re-reading it for book club this month (and just so I can refresh for the movie). I have to say though that Hunger Games was the best of the trilogy, I was really disappointed in the other two.

    1. Thanks, ~Ang! That makes me feel a little bit better about reading it!