Thursday, February 23, 2012

Movie Review - One for the Money

One for the Money (2012) * * * *
Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Starring: Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara, Sherri Shepherd, Daniel Sunjata, and Debbie Reynolds

From IMDB: "Unemployed and newly-divorced Stephanie Plum lands a job at her cousin's bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past."

As most of you may already know, this movie is based on the book "One for the Money" written by Janet Evanovich, which is the frist book in the Stephanie Plum series. I had been eagerly looking forward to seeing "One for the Money" for months, and while I did enjoy the movie, the months of anticipation may have raised my expectations slightly higher than they should have been.

The movie follows the character of Stephanie Plum, who convinces her cousin to give her a job as a bounty hunter.  She has no experience, few skills, and even less luck when it comes to capturing cons.  But when one of her skips turns out to be an old boyfriend, and a cop to boot, Stephanie falls headlong into a missing persons mystery that just might get her killed.

Anyone who liked the book will probably like the movie.  I certainly did.  I had been a little worried about Heigl's ability to fit into the role of Stephanie, but I think in the end she did ok.  Jason O'Mara and Sherri Shepherd were great in their parts, and while I think that Daniel Sunjata did all right as Ranger, somehow at the same time he really just WASN'T Ranger at all.  The plot is entertaining and humorous in all the right spots, the pacing is decent, and someone who hasn't read the book will have no problem following the story.

So all in all it was good, but I left the movie theater slightly disappointed that it wasn't as AWESOME as I had built it up to be in my head.  But I did enjoy it, Bob enjoyed it, and it gets 4 stars from me, mainly for just being fun.

Have you seen "One for the Money?"  What did you think?  Do you want to see it?  Let me know, down below!

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  1. I liked it... I thought it followed the books pretty well. But I think people who haven't read the books won't like it very much. They may not get the humor.


  2. I have to wait til April to watch it in German cinemas, but I've already read another good review about it, so I am looking forward to it (and because I read the books). However, just from looking at the cast, I think I'll end up the same as you: a little disappointed that it wasn't as awesme as I wanted it to be...