Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011 Advent Calendar - Day 19

The National Christmas Tree is a living tree located on the Ellipse near the White House. It is decorated and lit as a part a three-week holiday celebration. The design is unique each year.

According to, the National Tree, or as it is sometimes called, the White House Tree, was first lit in 1923, when President Calvin Coolidge walked from the White House to the Ellipse to light a 48-foot fir tree decorated with 2,500 electric bulbs in red, white and green, as a local choir and a “quartet” from the U.S. Marine Band performed. 89 years later, this American holiday tradition continues to bring citizens together to share in a message of hope and peace.

My apologies for posting so late the last few days - Santa brought me an early present in the form of a icky cold.  Apparently I was naughty this year.  But on the plus side I should be over by Christmas Eve, which will be nice.

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  1. I also heard every year a different state gets to make decorations for the white house tree. My home state Wyoming made the ornaments a year or two ago.

    Hope you feel better soon!