Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas 2011 Advent Calendar - Day 16

Holy Jingle Bells, you guys!!

We're over halfway to Christmas!  In fact, we've only got 9 days left!  Yikes!  Are you ready?  Have you finished your shopping!  Or for those of you (and I know there's a few) who like to make gifts by hand, are you done?

But what about the wrapping?!  Is everything wrapped/bagged yet?  Better hurry!!  Christmas is almost here...

We're done with "most" of our shopping.  I have a few things to pick up this weekend for Bob (Shhh - don't tell him!) but most of the friends and family are shopped for, wrapped up, and in some cases shipped.  Bob insists that we start shopping in like, August, to make sure that we have plenty of time to shop for all of his kids and grandkids, and my family, without trying to do it all out of one paycheck and racking up the credit card charges.  Usually we're done by Thanksgiving and everything gets wrapped and shipped right after December 1st, which really is nice, as it greatly reduces the stress of the holidays!  After that it's mostly relaxing and enjoying the holiday season.  And baking.

On the flip side though, even though I try to be finished with all my shopping well in advance of the week before Christmas, I really to like to go to the mall and wander slowly through the hustle and bustle of all the last minute shoppers, knowing that I can pick up a few more gifts if I want to, but I don't have to.  I love it!  No last minute panic attack shopping, just FUN shopping!  Although I must admit, sometimes the procrastinators get rewarded for being late by finding some terrifically good deals, so maybe there is a method to their madness!

What about you?  Are you a pre-planner-and-get-it-done-early type of shopper, or do you wait until the last minute? Whichever type you are I hope you are enjoying the hustle & bustle and having fun with it!!


  1. Our last two gifts for our son arrived today (after waiting 3 weeks for them to arrive!!!) so they'll get wrapped tonight - everything else was wrapped, all done and dusted, before last weekend. :)

    Doing our Xmas food shopping this Sunday and that's us all sorted for the festive season. :)

  2. Normally I plan well ahead of time, especially since nearly all my gifts have to be shipped but this year I am way behind schedule! Thankfully I am down to one person to shop for and two handmade gifts left (unfortunately one of those needs to be shipped internationally and there is no way it will arrive in time).

    Otherwise everything is wrapped and shipped or under the tree. I am making my Christmas goodies tonight so I can deliver them with a couple of gifts next week.

    The problem I always have is I feel like I am forgetting someone and always stock up on extra gifts just in case (last year I did the gifts in jars and it was a big hit with friends).

  3. I have everything done this year. I might pick up a few little things for my son for his stocking, and maybe something small for my husband from my son, but I don't have to. We've already got a nice wrapped pile. :)

  4. My goodness! Everyone is so organized! Good job, gang!