Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Christmas Advent Calendar - Day 11

I like baking, but for some reason I really only do any baking during the holidays.  But when I do bake during the holidays, I love to make cookies!  They're simple and fun, and generally speaking everyone likes them.  They don't require a fork or plate (unless something has gone horribly wrong!) and are easy to serve at parties and work potlucks.

This year, on her website, Paula Deen is doing the 25 Days of Holiday Cookies!  If you're not from the US you may not know who Paula Deen is, but I promise that she is fabulous, and you should totally check out her website each day for a new cookie recipe!

What's your favorite thing to bake (or cook) during the holidays?


  1. I don't really make cookies for Christmas, for some reason I associate baking with summer and county fair times.

    But I do always make a dozen or so batches of Chex Mix and then I make a delicious cheese spread that I only make at Christmas.

  2. My hubby loves snickerdoodles. I love the giant peanut butter cups my Nana makes for me. I don't really bake, but I'm making a huge Death By Chocolate cake layered in a trifle bowl for the party we're attending next Saturday. Not Christmas-y, really, but chocolate is good for every season!

  3. I made spiced shortbread the other day and dark chocolate brownies with white chocolate chips (snow, don'tcherknow!) today. ;)