Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 Christmas Advent Calendar - Day 10

I have never lived in a house with an actual fireplace, but I have always wanted to.

Sure there have been houses with wood stoves, but never a real fireplace, or even a gas one.  I dream of someday having a fireplace and being able to decorate the mantle!

When I was young though, we did have one of those cardboard fireplaces with the painted red bricks and red and orange painted flames, with the light bulb that casts the flickering shadows across the cutouts in the cardboard that are covered with red cellophane, to imitate a fire.

That was one of my favorite Christmas decorations, even though I couldn't hang my stocking on it, or put anything on the "mantle" for fear that the whole thing would tip over!  But, nonetheless, I loved the flickering "flames" and would carefully lay my Christmas stocking out on the floor in front of it so that Santa would be able to find it!

Do you have a fireplace?  If not, where do you hang your stockings?


  1. Nope, no fireplace, but hopefully one day.

  2. I haven't had fireplaces, but plenty of wood stoves. Instead we have a nice cut through from the kitchen to the living room that we decorate as if it is a mantle and thats where we hang the stockings and put the christmas cards.