Monday, May 28, 2007


D is for Deadbeat, Sue Grafton - 05.22.07 ***

When a stranger hires Kinsey to find a young boy and deliver a cashier's check for $25,000, she figures it'll be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, before she can track the teenager down, the check the benevolent stranger paid her with bounces. The search for the elusive client quickly becomes far more difficult than she imagined - and when he suddenly turns up dead, the case suddenly becomes dangerous. The young boy doesn't want the money, her client is dead, and numermous suspects may be trying to get the money. She better solve this one quick before she becomes the next victim!

E is for Evidence, Sue Grafton - 05.23.07 ***

Kinsey's small office is located in an office building that houses an insurance company, and the company gives her free rent in exchange for her doing investigations for them part time. What starts out as a routine fire insurance case quickly degenerates into a multiple muder mystery - not to mention that someone is framing her for insurance fraud! It all seems to tie back to an apparent suicide from several years ago, but all the evidence disappeared from the police evidence room, and the suspicious death case was never closed. When Kinsey starts poking around in the events of the past, the muderer gets scared and starts delivering package bombs to anyone who might know more than they should. Plus her ex-husband has shown up with his new lover, complicating things for her emotionally as well as physically. When all the clues fall into place, it will take all her street-smarts to survive the blast.

F is for Fugitive, Sue Grafton - 05.24.07 ***

Kinsey is living in the main house with her 81 year old landlord / friend while he rebuilds her apartment, and the lack of privacy is getting to her. She's not used to having close friends or family in her life and doesn't always know how to handle the details. So when a father from out of town hires her to help clear his son of a 17 year old murder, she jumps at the chance to get out of town for awhile. Unfortunately for her, Floral Beach is a tiny town, and it seems everyone in town had a motive for killing Jean Timberlake, or a reason to lie about what they might know about that long ago night. When Bailey escapes from the courtroom on the day of his arraignment, everyone in town assumes he is responsible for the deaths that follow. Kinsey knows he's innocent, but can she prove it before the killer comes after her?


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