Monday, May 28, 2007


Assassin's Quest - Robin Hobb, 05.17.07 ****
In the final novel in The Farseer Trilogy we find the Six duchies in shambles. Self-proclaimed King Regal has stripped Buckkeep of all it's valubles and most of the staff, and retreated to Tradeford to establish his palace there, leaving the Coastal Duchies unprotected from the ravages of the RedShip Raiders. Queen Ketricken has fled with her unborn child to her home in the Mountain Kingdom to escape from King Regal's assassin's. The true king, Verity, is still missing on his quest to find the Elderlings and beg their aid against the RedShips. The entire kingdom believes Fitz to be dead, executed for treason.
Except for Chade and Burrich, who have begun the slow and difficult task of separating Fitz's mind from his Wit-bond wolf, Nighteyes. They slowly convince Fitz to take up his humanity again, but in his heart, Fitz has had enough. How much should one man have to sacrice? His wife and child, along with the rest of his loved ones, believe him dead, and can never be told the truth. After driving away his last two friends, Fitz and Nighteyes set of on a final quest - to assassinate the false king, Regal.
But of course, nothing goes as planned. The man & wolf have many adventures before finally reaching Tradeford, and the assassination attempt only draws Regal's attention to the fact that Fitz is still alive. Barely surviving his escape from the palace, he flees to the mountains, under a compulsion to find Verity and help him return with the Elderlings. For only Verity's return can save the kingdom, from both the RedShips and Regal. Along the way Fitz will discover the extents of the wild magic he holds - magic that can either destroy him or transform him beyond his imagination.


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