Monday, May 28, 2007


A is for Alibi, Sue Grafton - 01.25.07 ***

B is for Burglar, Sue Grafton - 05.20.07 ***

C is for Corpse, Sue Grafton - 05.21.07 ***

Kinsey Millhone is an ex-cop in southern California who has traded her police badge for a PI License. In A is for Alibi, she takes a case trying to solve an old murder - only all the suspects have an alibi! As she sorts through the clues she meets a nice young man and feels the beginning of an affair coming on. Unfortunately, her love life is interrupted by the killer when she starts getting too close to the truth.

B is for Burglar begins about two weeks after the end of Alibi. Kinsey is still recovering from being shot, and dealing with her feelings regarding the man she killed. What could be better than a nice little missing persons case to take her mind off things? But as the clues pile up, along with the dead bodies, Kinsey begins to wonder if there's a way to solve this case. But when the breakthrough finally arrives, can she solve the case before the murderer strikes again?

Having survived the Burglar case, Kinsey takes some time off for some good ol' physical therapy to rehabilitate her arm and leg in C is for Corpse. But when a young man, badly scarred and injured in a horrible car accident, asks for her help, she is curious. His claim that someone is trying to kill him doesn't seem to add up at first, but when he his corpse shows up several days later, Kinsey refuses to give up until she finds the murderer.

So far, this series is fun, light, quick reading. I like the fact that Grafton tends to have Kinsey actually solve the case, rather than so many other mystery writers who just have the main character stumble around until the killer gets afraid and tries to kill the character, thereby identifying themselves.


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