Monday, May 28, 2007


Night Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko - 01.20.07 ****
Day Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko - 05.18.07 ****
This series tells the story of the Others, a magical race of people living side by side with the humans of the world. Divided into to camps, the Light Ones and the Dark Ones, they battle continuously, each trying to gain advantage over the other and end the war for all time. However, the fight must adhere to the rigorous rules of the Treaty, enforced by the Inquisitors, who are Others that are on neither the Light Side or the Dark, but on the side of Balance.
Set in modern-day Moscow, Anton is a member of the Night Watch, formed of Light Ones who guard against the actions of the Dark at night. He's a low-level magician on his first field mission when everything goes wrong. And given two options, either of which may be a trap or a trick, he must find a third choice to save the city - possibly the world - but most importantly to Anton, a way to save a young boy who is an Other, but has not yet chosen between the Light or Dark. Anton must also find a way to deal with the sudden realization that the Light is not always good, and the Dark is not always evil.
Day Watch, the second novel in the series, begins about a year or so after the events of Night Watch, and presents the perspective of several members of the Day Watch - Dark ones who keep watch in the day. Interestingly, they see themselves not as evil, but merely proponents of Freedom. As the leader of the Dark Watch sets in motion events that will take away the advantages gained by the Light Ones, members of both watches must try to balance the playing field to stop an Apocalypse that might destroy them all.
Each book consists of three stories, the first two of which seem unrelated to each other, but the third story skillfully weaves the two together and brings to a conclusion the seemingly random events in the first two.
Excellent reading!


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