Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My thoughts before reading The Wheel of Time: Book 14 - A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

The day has finally arrived.

Last year when it was announced that A Memory of Light would be released today it seemed soooooooo far away, but now, here we are.  Fourteen books, nearly 20 years, and it's all come down to this very day.

Do you have your copy yet?  I'm going to wait until this weekend to pick up mine, which will give me time to finish the book I'm currently reading, and allow me to focus and concentrate on this long awaited series finale.  But while I wait for Saturday, on the inside, I'm jumping up and down and screaming like a Belieber because I can't wait to start reading A Memory of Light.

But I will have to read it very slowly.  Just because I've been waiting for this ending for almost 20 years doesn't mean that I actually WANT it to end.  Finishing A Memory of Light will be a sad, sad joy, one to be rushed towards by running as slowly as possible.

That's how I'm feeling.  What are your thoughts?


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