Thursday, January 19, 2012

TV News - The Walking Dead

Just in case you forgot...

You can read more about the mid-season premiere here.

Also in other Walking Dead news, Season 3 has been ordered with 16 episodes!!


  1. This makes me happy. I love the show - not the gore but the concept - and I hope the new season is just as good as the last.


  2. YES PLEASE! I came across the show because someone intruduced it in a presentation and I saw that Norman Reedus was starring in it. I actually hate this whole zombie crap, but hey... every once in a while it's ok, I guess, if it's not just senseless slaughter. Which this isn't, I'm so glad! I liked the action of the first season, but I also like that the second has a bit less action, more social matters/tension. Thus, I'm glad you're informing me that there will be even a third season! LOVE IT! Especially Norman as Daryl, really a role just like him. ^.^