Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review - Coyote

Coyote, by Allen Steele 08/01/2011 * * *

The national bestselling story of Earth's first interstellar colonists - and the mysterious planet that becomes their home.

My Thoughts:
Ok, the Goodreads blurb is all but useless, but technically, that is what this book is about.  Originally written as a collection of short stories for a science fiction magazine, Coyote tells the story of a group of colonists who steal a ship and escape from an oppressive Earth government, and their journey to a far off planet (or moon) named Coyote, and the adventures of the group once they reach their new home and begin building a settlement.

The short stories are written in several different formats, and from multiple points of view, which was a little jarring, as every time I started "getting into" a character, the short story would end and a new one begin with a new POV character.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, except that the character I just got all invested in might not ever be mentioned again.

Nonetheless, Coyote was an enjoyable read, and I do plan to pick up the next book in the series, Coyote Rising, at some point and continue the story, as it ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger.  Overall I liked it, and Coyote gets 3 stars.


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