Friday, June 17, 2011

Another question

So now that it has been decided that I should next read Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1), I'm curious if there would be any interest among my readers / followers / addicts, of me treating this as a "read & react" sort of thing, where I read a chapter or two, and then comment on what happened and my thoughts / comments on those chapters (and since I just finished watching Seasons 1-3 of HBO's adaptation of the series, I would probably also be wanting to comment on the differences between the book and the show). If anyone wanted to, you guys could also follow along on your own read (or re-read), and comment on my commentary.  It could be fun, right?!

Currently there are several versions of this happening over at with several different sci-fi / fantasy series (the most notable, IMHO, is Leigh Butler's re-read of the Wheel of Time series, and she has also just started a Read & React for GRRM's Game of Thrones - both of which I find fascinating to follow along with, even though I'm not currently actually reading either of those book / series, but I have in the past).  I've really been enjoying them, and that's where I stole the idea, and I thought of applying it to Dead Until Dark, because it seemed more manageable.

So the question remains - Would you, my most Fabulous Readers, be interested in me doing this?  Would you get bored with my rambling commentary of Sookie and her friends and the oddness of her world, or would you enjoy following along?

If y'all think that this idea might be fun, please let me know in the comments.  If yes, I'll probably start this weekend - short notice, I know, but I'm already two chapters in and so far I'm enjoying it, and I don't wanna get too far in before we start.  So let me know!  Thanks!!


  1. I would definitely be in for this, I have been meaning to start this series anyway and I think it would be fun to read along with someone else!

  2. Ok! So at least one other person is interested. Thanks, Ang!!
    Anyone else??

  3. I don't have time to start the series right now, but I would LOVE to read what you think of it! I've been watching True Blood as they gear up for the fourth season and I really want to read the series soon!