Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Christmas Advent Calendar - Day 13

Christmas Decorations - Part 2

You know...for your viewing pleasure...

Here's two little guys that have been part of the family collection forever.  I have no idea where Mr. & Mrs. Santa Mouse came from, but again, I suspect that they are older than I am. And so cute!

This is one of my FAVORITES!!  He's The Christmas Dragon, and is a relatively new addition - a friend made him for me out of clay about 15 years ago.  He's actually a pin that could be worn, but I've always been afraid to wear him as he tend to be a bit fragile.  

I usually put him near my Nativity Scene so he can watch over the baby Jesus to make sure the Wise Men don't get out of control.  Plus that's where the best sheep are, in case he gets hungry.


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