Thursday, October 7, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

The Question:

When you travel, how many books do you bring with you?
Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?

The Answer:

I nearly always have whatever book I'm currently reading with me at all times.  Usually in my backpack, which travels back and forth with me to work, etc.  When we travel though, I usually only take one book with me, and it must be a new book, usually purchased in advance for the trip - even if I'm currently in the middle of reading something else, I still make sure I have a brand new book for the trip, and I cannot start reading it before we leave. 

This doesn't stop me from picking up more books while on the trip, though!  Oh, no, sir!  Browsing the bookstore at the airport is a great way to pass the time, even though I have a brand new unread book in my bag.  And if I happen to find something great while shopping, there's no law that says I can't come home from vacation with more books than I left with!

One of my favorite books, The Stand by Stephen King, was purchased while on vacation in Portland years before I moved here.  I wandered into a Tower Books to kill some time and stumbled across it, read the back and decided I couldn't live without it.  Best decision ever!!

The arrival of ebooks has had no effect on me, as at this point I have not been brave enough to buy one.  I keep weighing the pro's and con's, and then run screaming back to my delicious paperbacks!  But I am slowly being won over, and think it might be a good idea to take the plunge...someday.  Just not  yet.

What about you?  Do you travel with books?  And what's your opinion of the various e-readers out there?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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