Sunday, July 15, 2007


Dr Who: The Resurrection Casket, Justin Richards - 07.14.07 ****

The Doctor and Rose find themselves trapped on the world of Starfall, the last stop before the mining regions, people with prospectors hoping to discover treasure, and space pirates hoping to relieve them of it once they've found it. Modern technology refuses to work - including the TARDIS - leaving the pair in a quandry. How to repair the machine that can't be moved, if they can't move it so it can repair itself? When the Doctor starts looking into a trio of murders, they learn the story of the famous pirate Hamlek Glint, whose fearsome ship and robot crew were the terror of space 50 years before. Everyone wants to find the lost treasure of Glint and his crew, which is said to include the amazing Resurrection Casket - capable of returning the dead to life - and when the Doctor suggests he might be able to find it, a wealthy investor offers the use of a ship that will carry them and the TARDIS beyond the region of space affected by the EMP energy that is crippling the TARDIS. Followed by terrifying enemies, an apologetic monster-assassin named Kevin, oxygen hungry Krarks, the group sets out to find the famous pirate ship - and far more danger than any of them - except the Doctor, of course - could imagine!


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