Friday, July 6, 2007


P is for Peril, Sue Grafton - 06.22.07 ***

An ex-wife of a missing doctor hires Kinsey to try to locate the man. While many believe the doctor disappeared to avoid the scandal of an upcoming investigation into a Medicare fraud case, the current wife is convinced that her husband is the victim of foul play, and soon Kinsey begins to believe her. As she digs deeper into the mystery, uncomfortable truths come to light, and when she finds the doctor himself in his car at the bottom of a nearby lake, it is left to her to find the murderer. Meanwhile her personal life tries to fall apart when she meets a handsome and charming young man who may or may not have murdered his parents.

Q is for Quarry, Sue Grafton - 06.24.07 ****

Kinsey's estranged family enters the picture again when she dives into a nearly 20 year old murder mystery of a Jane Doe. The woman, whose identity has never been discovered, was murdered and dumped into a ravine near the old family quarry. Kinsey learns more about her extended family - both past and present - as she attempts to ID the victim. When her questions seem to make the murderer uncomfortable, more bodies start appearing, and her investigation takes a desperate turn as she races to uncover the killer, before the killer buries her in the desert!


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