Friday, July 6, 2007


The Russell Quant Mysteries, Anthony Bidulka:
Amuse Bouche - 03.09.06 ****
Flight of Aquavit - 03.11.07 ****
Tapas on the Ramblas - 03.13.06 ****
Stain of the Berry - 06.28.07 ****

This series follows the adventures of Russel Quant, a gay private investigator in Canada. to be perfectly honest, I don't remember the details of the first 3 novels (except that I thoroughly enjoyed them). Stain of the Berry, though, takes Russell on an odd journey through his past, for while he's been trying to find his missing friend Sereena, who disappeared a year ago (in Tapas on the Ramblas) he also discovers tantalizing clues about some of the mysteries in his family's past. Interwoven with the search for Sereena is the case he's currently working - trying to discover is a young woman to jomped from balcony of her high rise apartment was a suicide or murder. Some had been harassing her - sending threatening letters, whispering "the boogeyman is going to get you" during late night calls, etc - for months. Did the strain become to much for her to bear, or did the "boogeyman" finally "help" her off the balcony? No one seems to know, but when Russell discovers that other have been receiving the same treatment, he gets sucked into a nightmarish world of threats, harassment, and attempts on his own life, as the Boogeyman comes ever closer.


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