Sunday, July 15, 2007


Belladonna, Anne Bishop - 07.13.07 ****

Belladonna is the sequel to Sebastian in Bishop's Ephemera series (although I don't know if it will continue past this book), and tells the story of Glorianna Belladonna, a Landscaper with amazing powers to control the world. Many, many years ago, powerful wizards sundered the world into various magical Landscapes, connected only by magical Bridges, in an effort to isolate the Eater of the World - a being of darkness and despair, tainting peoples hearts and souls against the Light. In the first novel, Sebastian, Belladonna and Sebastian managed to win a strategic battle against the newly-awakened Eater of the World, and in Belladonna, she continues her fight to hold her Landscapes to the Light and deny the invasions of the Dark. But when an ancient prophecy is found which suggests that the only way to destroy the Eater is for the Warrior of Light to drink the Cup of Darkness, Belladonna must make a choice - remain with her family and wait for the Eater to slowly destroy all she holds dear, or sacrifice herself to an eternity of unending torment to save the world. At one time the choice would have been easy, but now that love has finally touched her heart, will she make the right choice?


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