Thursday, August 4, 2011

Movie News - First Look at "Man of Steel"

I have to admit that up until now, I have not paid much attention to this movie.  We just had a Superman "reboot" - Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh in 2006 - and it seemed too soon to bring Superman back again.  I mean, I love me some Superman, but really?  So soon?

Also, I really wasn't down with the casting choice.  I didn't think that Henry Cavill would really fit "the look" of Superman.  I know I've seen him in several other movies, but I don't really remember him as being outstanding, and I never watched The Tudors.  So I was a little unimpressed.

However, today Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures released a First Look photo of Henry Cavill in full-on Superman gear, and I have to say that I was totally wrong.  He looks great, the updated suit looks amazing, and I'm finally starting to get excited about this movie.

Plus, there appears to be an amazing supporting cast - Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, and Diane Lane & Kevin Costner as Clark's adoptive parents, Martha and Johnathan Kent.  His Kryptonian parents will be played by Julia Ormand and (get this) Russell Crowe.  Rounding out the crew of attractive guys will be Christopher Meloni, who will play Colonel Hardy.

"Man of Steel" is currently still in production, and is scheduled to hit the big screen in June of 2013.  So, you know, we've got plenty of time.

For more information and a more detailed look at the enlarged photo, go to DC Universe!

So what are your thoughts on this new Man of Steel?  Yay or Nay?

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  1. I am LOVING all the comic book stuff we're getting lately. I enjoyed Thor and loved Captain America and X-Men: First Class. Getting really excited about Man of Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers - yay!

    Crikey, I sound like such a Geek Girl - LOL!