Thursday, August 12, 2010

What I've Been Reading: The Claire Montrose Mysteries

The Claire Montrose Mysteries, by April Henry
1. Circles of Confusion, 07.18.08 * * *
2. Square in the Face, 08.14.08 * * *
3. Heart Shaped Box, 08.17.08 * * *
4. Buried Diamonds, 02.05.08 * * *

This is a cute little series about a young woman named Claire Montrose and takes place right here in Portland Oregon!  That's actually what made me pick up the series to begin with (even though I read the last book first). Fairly short, quick reads.  Not my favorite mystery series ever, but maybe that's just me.  I did enjoy the fact that the author was familiar with Portland and the surrounding areas, as well as the history and flavor of the city and state.

Do you know of any books or series that take place in your hometown?  (No fair if you live in New York or Los Angeles - Just kidding!)  Leave a comment and tell me what they are and why you liked them (or didn't, whichever!)


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