Friday, August 13, 2010

The Russell Quant Mysteries: Aloha, Candy Hearts

The Russell Quant Mysteries, by Anthony Bidulka
1. Amuse Bouche, 03.09.06 * * * *
2. Flight of Aquavit, 03.11.06 * * * *
3. Tapas on the Ramblas, 03.13.06 * * * *
4. Stain of the Berry, 06.28.07 * * * *
5. Sundowner Ubuntu, 06.23.08 * * * *
6. Aloha, Candy Hearts, 08.12.10 * * * *

Russell Quant is gay, an ex-cop turned private detective living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, young, cute, and surrounded by an outrageous cast of best friends & family members who sometimes help (or hinder) his career of solving mysteries.  

In this sixth installment in the series, Russell returns from visiting his current boyfriend in Hawaii, and as he leaves the airport discovers that his seat-mate from the plane has died in the parking lot.  Russell quickly decides that foul play was involved when a treasure map with nearly indecipherable historical clues shows up in his own carry-on, and the race is on to solve the crime before the maniac in the white pickup truck finishes Russell off for good!  

But Russell can't spend all his time solving the crime - oh no!  There's a wedding in a few days - his two best friends are finally tying the knot - and wedding preparations wait for no one, not even a killer!  He needs to help scatter the ashes of a close friend who has passed, and there's family in town, bringing disturbing revelations from his own childhood for him to deal with. Not to mention his own growing sense that his boyfriend may not be the person that he is meant to be with.  Russell must do some quick growing up and face some feelings that he'd rather ignore, support his friends in their times of need, and solve an ugly crime of murder and blackmail before everything spins totally out of control.

This was another completely satisfying read from Anthony Bidulka, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series, " Date with a Sheesha," which was released earlier this year.

Have you read (or are currently reading) this series?  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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