Thursday, February 28, 2013

What I Found - The Black Prism, by Brent Weeks

This past weekend I was visiting the local mall, and decided to duck into Barnes & Noble for a quick moment.  As I approached the entrance to the store I passed the Bargain Rack that usually sits just outside the entrance, which I usually ignore.  But for some reason this time I stopped to take a look, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?


The Black Prism, by Brent Weeks.

I've been intending to read this series "eventually" but wasn't in a hurry to start it.  I figured I'd just download it to my Nook at some point when I could devour the whole series at once.  But when I realized that the Hardback version of the book was on sale, I really couldn't pass it by.  I mean, really - a hardback novel for under five dollars?!  That's CRAZY!!!

So of course I brought it home, and now it lives in my bookcase.  I'm so excited!

What bargain books have you found lately?


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