Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Movie News - Life of Pi Posters

Last week I shared three recently released posters for a movie that I'm super excited to see, OZ The Great and Powerful.  This week I thought we could take a look at another set of recently released posters for ANOTHER movie that I'm highly anticipating - Life of Pi.

I haven't read the book by Yann Martel that the movie is based on, so I know very little about the story other than what I've seen in the trailers.  However, the visuals I've seen, both trailers and these stunning movie posters, have made me desperate to see this movie. 

Adventure, Hope, Triumph.  Which do you like best? I think my favorite of the three is Hope, but Triumph is pretty stunning also.  I think each of these is closer to art than advertising.


What do you think?  Are you looking forward to seeing Life of Pi?

1 comment:

  1. I like the last one best, with the large tiger head on it. I loved the book and am looking forward to the film, even if it's obvious even from the trailer that elements of the story have been changed (ones that didn't need to be, in my opinion!).