Friday, March 9, 2012

Movie Review - Underworld: Awakening

Underworld: Awakening (2012) * * * *
Directors: Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein
Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy and India Eisley

From IMDB:
"When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrioress Selene leads the battle against humankind."

My Thoughts:
So, I wasn't really sure that the world need a fourth installment in the Underworld franchise, but I figured, I've seen the other three so I might as well see this one, too.  And I have to admit that it really was fairly enjoyable. Instead of following the same formula as the previous movies in the series, "Awakening" takes a sharp turn and takes the series in a whole new direction.  Through the voice-over in the opening sequence we learn that somehow humans became aware of the vampires and the Lycans, probably due to the war being waged between the two groups, and humanity banded together to destroy them both, nearly wiping out the Lycans completely and driving the vampire clans deep underground - literally.

What follows is a refreshing change, because instead of being sort of tragic love story, "Awakening" is all about Selene the fierce protector and avenger!  And she does it well!  The action and fight scenes are amazing, and the 3D was extremely well done.

I quite enjoyed "Awakening," far more than any of the first 3 movies in the series.  Fans of the series will most likely enjoy it, and it's not a bad place for newcomers to join in, as extensive knowledge of the previous films only enhances the moves, but isn't required to follow the tale.  "Underworld: Awakening" gets four stars from me, and even Bob thought it was pretty good.

Have you seen "Underworld: Awakening" yet?  What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Thanks for this review! I am looking forward to watching this when I find the time. ^^