Thursday, May 26, 2011

Covering the Cover - Timeless, by Gail Carriger

How on earth did I miss this?!?

Several weeks ago Orbit Books released the cover image for The Parasol Protectorate: Book the Fifth: Timeless, the final novel in the Alexia Tarabotti Series, which is expected to be available on March 1st, 2012.

Alexia, parasol firmly in hand, has apparently arrived in Egypt!  Spoilers suggest something about a vampire Queen in Alexandria and a new outbreak of the God-Breaker Plague.  But who knows?  No doubt Alexia will straighten them all out before tea time!

I do love this cover much, much more than the cover art for Book the Fourth: Heartless! It just "feels" more Alexia to me.  However, I think Soulless is still my favorite...or maybe Blameless?  I can't decide...

Book the Fourth: Heartless will be available July 1st, 2011.  I can't wait!

What do you think of the Timeless cover?  Love it or Leave it?

The first four Alexia Covers:


  1. I am SOOOOO going to read this series some time very soon. I've been trying to get it from my local library but would you believe they don't have it???

    PS I hope you don't mind me checking out your past posts and commenting on them all long after the post date - I can't sleep and was a little bored, so I started reading back - LOL!

    Kell. x

  2. @diaryofadomesticgoddess My Library didn't have them either, so I've been buying the paperbacks, which I'm glad I did, as I've been able to loan them to friends and re-read them.

    And I love that you're reading older posts and commenting on them! I think it's great!! Thank you! ;o)