Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review - The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown, 02/13/2011 * * *

I was first introduced to Dan Brown years ago when a friend insisted that the read The DaVinci Code.  I hadn't even heard of it, and I found it to be both exciting and interesting, and the ending came from so far out of left field that it left me speechless.  I was hooked and needed more!  So I then read Angels & Demons, which was also very enjoyable.  But both of his other two novels, Deception Point and Digital Fortress, were slightly less than satisfying.  So when The Lost Symbol was published, I added it to my TBR list, but wasn't in enough of a hurry to purchase the hard cover.

So when I went to the bookstore several weeks ago and found that it was finally available in paperback I snatched it up and began reading.  This time Robert Langdon is called to Washington DC by the assistant of an old friend, and through no fault of his becomes embroiled in a mystery involving the Masons, the CIA, national security, and the lives of two of his close friends.  Following clues around the city of Washington DC, through historical buildings and ancient cathedrals, Langdon tries to solve the symbolic codes which may lead to a secret treasure, and the location and identity of a psychotic killer.

Initially I was put off by seemingly large number of flashbacks in the first few chapters, but quickly got used to this method of storytelling.  The novel is quite interesting, with lots of information regarding the founding of the United States and the beliefs of the founding fathers and the massive amounts (and meanings) of symbols used in the art and architecture of the capitol city.  The pacing was good, but the reveal at the end was slightly anti-climatic, I felt.  Nowhere near as good as The DaVinci Code.

Still if you enjoyed Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code, then you'll probably enjoy The Lost Symbol as well, along with the whirlwind tour of Washington DC.  I have to say that if nothing else, reading this book as inspired me to visit a city that I've never been interested in visiting before.

Have you read The Lost Symbol?  What did you think of it?  Leave a comment and let me know!!


  1. I loved Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code, but haven't actually gotten round to reading this one, even though I have it. After your review, I really can't wait to read it!
    Brilliant review!

  2. The Lost Symbol is fantastic. The characters are introduced and developed very well, and the plot, though sometimes very long, is intriguing. It is easy to get frustrated with the amazing amount of detail that is used to describe every second, but the information presented by the detail is undeniably one of the best aspects of the book. The emotional detail also gives an amazing insight into the minds of the characters.