Sunday, June 17, 2007


L is for Lawless, Sue Grafton - 06.16.07 ***

In this installment of Kinsey Millhone's case files, Kinsey finds herself accidentally involved in trying to solve the mysteries surrounding a 40 year old bank robbery. When neighbors ask her help in obtaining funds from the government for a military funeral for their grandfather, Kinsey discovers that he wasn't in the army at all, but was actually a bank robber hiding from the law! For four decades the massive pile of loot that was stolen has remained hidden, until a series of murders, assualts, and kidnappings lead Kinsey on a chase across the country. When she and her associates land in Kentucky, they are left with the choice of finding the loot or dying, and Kinsey must bend all her training and talents to discovering the hiding place of the treasure.

This one was a little more comical than some of the others I've read so far, what with her skulking around hotels and pretending to be a maid. Great story.


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