Saturday, June 16, 2007


G is for Gumshoe, Sue Grafton - 06.08.07 ***
H is for Homicide, Sue Grafton - 06.11.07 ***
I is for Innocent, Sue Grafton - 06.13.07 ***
J is for Judgment, Sue Grafton - 06.14.07 ***
K is for Killer, Sue Grafton - 06.15.07 ***

As you can see, I've been speeding through these rather quickly, without even stopping to comment on each individual book. I might need to upgrade the series to 4 stars since I can't seem to stop reading them long enough to write a review.

Since the events of F is for Fugitive, life has moved quickly for Kinsey - her apartment has been blown up by a bad guy trying to kill her and rebuilt by her landlord, & she's been fired from her association with CF Insurance and set up offices on her own, which seems to suit her much better. She's travelled to Mexico looking for someonewho faked his own death, accidentally proved a man innocent of murder, and in K is for Killer when she couldn't provide evidence to have a murderer arrested, she arranged for him to be "disappeared" by a mysterious man in a limosine.

Sometimes dark, sometimes hysterically funny, this series is a must read - I'm amazed that no one insisted that I read it before now! So now that we're all caught up I'm going to go finish L is for Lawless. Be back soon!


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