Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie Art - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Recently a string of absolutely amazing movie posters have been released, all very simple with just the artwork (which IMHO is serious art) and the phrase "It All Ends 7.15."  Nothing else is needed really, everyone knows what the movie is and the artwork is so iconic as to need no description.

Since the movie opens at midnight tonight I thought I'd share some of my favorite posters - they're all amazingly fabulous, but these are my favorites!

I already showed this one several weeks ago, but I still love it.  It rocks and it rocks HARD!

Here we see Hogwarts, our beloved castle, in flames above the lake.  The reflection in the water is incredible!

In this banner, we see our heroes escaping on the dragon - poor thing, it must be desperate to get back into the sky again!

This one is my favorite of them all, I think!  Little Neville is all grown up and ready to do battle!!  As the under-rated hero of the saga I think he's always been a little overlooked, until this final book, and here he has finally come into his own.  So look out, or he'll own you, too!

Even the villains are in on the action!  There are at least a dozen more out on the 'web, just do a quick search and you'll find plenty (there's lots more villains, along with all the good guys!)  I'd love to see which ones are YOUR favorites!

So while I won't be seeing the movie this weekend (This weekend will be a tad busy, so I think I'll wait until next week), to all of you who will I hope you have a great time, and I look forward to hearing your comments and reviews of what you thought of the final episode in the Harry Potter saga!

Happy Viewing!!


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