Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Recap Continued - Or, More Info than you ever wanted to know!

After doing the research for yesterday's post and seeing how my reading habits (and volume) have changed over the last several years, I decided to take it several steps further and gather more data.  Yes - more data, please!  Also, I was bored at work - But that's not the point!!  So, bring on the data!

I've been keeping a Book List since the end of 2003, in which I keep track of all the books I've read and the date I finished them.  This started as a simple table in a Word document, which has now grown to almost 30 pages in length, so I've been experimenting with transferring the information to a spreadsheet.  I don't like it as much but I guess I'll get used to it, plus it loads faster, so that's a good thing.  After playing with the sort function for what seems like multiple hours, here's what I found:

In 2003 when I started the list, the year was almost over, so I don't have complete information.  But from September to the end of December of 2003, I read 17 books.

2004: 138 books.

2005: 143 books. Nice!

2006: 161 books - even better!!

2007: 181 books!!  Holy snowballs!  (Ok, in all fairness, a lot of these were very short novels that I was able to start and finish on the same day. But, still, impressive, right?).

2008: 132 books, as mentioned yesterday. Sad.

2009: 58 books.  Very sad.

2010: 41 books.  Uber sad.  Pathetic even...

So now you finally know how many books I've read each year since I started keeping my Book List.  I know it's been keeping y'all awake at night, wondering.  But now you can all sleep in peace, my little addicts! I, however, cannot sleep in peace - I need to get busy and read more!!

Do you keep a Book List?  What format do you use (Word, Excel, etc)? Do you track the dates you finish and obsessively count how many books you read in the whole year?  Leave a comment and let me know - I totally wanna know!


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